We facilitate innovations

Innovating is often a complex process that upsets organizations. However, innovation is the key to competitiveness and successful adaptation to future challenges.

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Areas of intervention

Support for change through Business and Technology Innovation

Local authorities

Forward-looking support. Support for Innovation's strategy.
Participatory and citizen innovation.

Incubators / Technopoles

Designing and implementing innovative incubation programs

Clusters / Competitiveness Poles

Mapping Public and Private Innovation. Setting up and animating business clusters


Support in implementing Innovation strategies. Support for the design and marketing of innovative services and products and their financing

Customers accompanied
Case Studies
Success rate
Sustainability of accompanied projects

Expertise of qualified experts

Frédéric DAUMAS


Through his experience focused on supporting Innovation, he advises public bodies such as universities, EPCI as well as support structures (Technopoles, Incubators and Accelerators) to create companies for the creation of companies for which it imagines and implements specific incubation programmes, funds and support tools.


Implementation expertise

Our consultants can accompany you internationally: exploration mission, search for partners and implementation


Experite IT – Security

Our consultants accompany you in your foreign exchange operations: operational impact as well as security 



Our experience in supporting innovation covers both start-ups and existing companies wishing to re-invent

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We are looking for volunteers interested in Innovation, Data Analysis, Support and IT Development

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"If you always do what you're used to doing, you'll reap what you've always reaped" Albert Einstein

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Why choose us:

Our interventions are 

Experienced consultants

A panel of stakeholders who know both the public and the private sector. An experience with small and large structures. An importance given to the human dimension.

Case studies already successful

Seventeen years of experience in the implementation of Innovation: organization, services and products.

A new vision of your business

An accompaniment that encompasses strategic vision, the human component and technological challenges.

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