Supporting Public Services and local authorities Innovation: the democratization of digital media is profoundly changing the relationship of users with the administration, leading to an inevitable evolution. The budgetary constraints imposed on communities mean that service processes must evolve in order to be as close as possible to users with equal budgets.

This challenge can only be met through the integration of innovations within administrations. 

Upperion supports public administrations in this development through Innovation. From modernizing processes to implementing new services, our firm allows communities to take stock of their processes. We help them to evolve their services.

Our participatory approach allows us to take into account:


– on the one hand, users’ requests,


– the capacity of the services. 


The result is then brought into line with the budgetary requirements and guidelines defined by the executive. 



Our interventions take their full meaning when preparing the annual roadmaps or when setting up five-year forecasts.

Accompanying Innovation: a participatory and prospective process