Upperion: a business coach for your business

Starting a business can be very difficult, but it's still a great adventure. There can be many setbacks in starting a new business, including raising capital, finding a market place and developing a business model that works.


Small businesses face many challenges. But there are many resources that a business owner can use if they know where to look. A good business coach is something a new business creator should consider.  Let's look at why a business might need a business advisor and how they can help them.



Have you ever wondered why 9 out of 10 start-ups fail? There are many reasons such as lack of capital (29%), a bad team (23%), and strong competition (19%) (ref. article Fortune.com). While all of these issues cannot be avoided, a good business coach can help you navigate some of these problems by providing the necessary information and network to support your business. The question now is: What is a business coach? and how can a business coach help a start-up succeed?

Business Coach


A business coach is a professional coach with training in matters related to the company that oversees; assists and guides the business owner in the start-up, development and growth of his business. A business advisor helps start-ups clarify their goals and develop the skills and resources needed to succeed in business. Business coaches aim to guide start-up creators on the path of their expansion and contribute to the creation of a base for growth. An executive coach helps individuals unravel their potential by improving their management, business and leadership skills. Executive coaching focuses on working with start-up creators and their personal development.


A good business coach is known for his efficiency in business management, his ability to evaluate performance by giving feedback and ensuring its growth through challenges, tests and homework. He is also known for his clear vision of the future market.



The benefits of good business management take into account the profitability of the company, reduced pressure, better engagement and teamwork with staff, improved communication, the ability to implement implements change and appropriate identification of business opportunities.

Characteristics of a good business coach


Two spirits are better than one! The presence of the business coach outside your company offers a new perspective on improving the processes your business needs at a given time. So that's a big advantage.


First, a good business coach must be patient and willing to provide enough time to interact with start-up business owners to ensure the success of the business. In addition, they should have experience in identifying and solving some of the problems of small businesses. 


A good business coach is an effective teacher who builds self-confidence and appreciates the teaching of small business owners.


A good business coach takes care of the company's success by improving processes and facilitating professional development. It recognizes the importance of coaching for people at all levels within an organization.


A good business advisor will help develop a strategy and business plan that can be presented to the company's stakeholders. They can do this through market research, identifying potential market gaps and increasing unnecessary spending.


Why you need a good business coach


The main reason business owners don't work with a business coach is because they don't know how the coach is doing and how he can help companies succeed. 


Here are some of the reasons why you need a good business coach:


  • Creativity

A business coach is a facilitator who asks questions, listens and gives feedback to encourage and help the start-up founder. This is a very creative commitment, not in an abstract and fuzzy way, but in challenging owners to come up with new, useful and practical ideas. Business owners are often so close to their business that they are "confined" to a particular way of thinking. New ideas and perspectives based on business knowledge can be very beneficial for the company. Creativity brings Innovation and Innovation brings benefits to the market.


  • Flexibility

The fact that corporate coaching focuses on the day-to-day realities of work and uses an individual approach makes coaching flexible and able to adapt to the specific needs of the company in each situation.


  • Responsibility

Business coaching strikes a balance between freedom and the emphasis on accountability, goal setting, questioning, listening, feedback and reviewof progress. Enable start-up owners to monitor progress, detect problems and help team members correct errors.


  • Empowerment

When people are given the opportunity to pursue meaningful goals with ingenuity and initiative, it leads to high levels of empowerment in a small business. There are obvious advantages to team members being this way. While business coaches will help and guide the business owner or executive, the owner retains the power to make decisions and follow the best approach possible, but with the peace of mind that a qualified advisor will have given advance notice to the decisions taken.


  • Teamwork

Teamwork allows start-up team members to connect with activities and begin to feel comfortable with each other. Teamwork builds confidence that contributes to the success of many start-ups. A person working alone on a project will take longer than a team, working on fewer projects and significantly reducing the number of opportunities. A good coach will motivate, encourage and significantly strengthen teamwork, which is the hallmark of a promising company.


  • Know-how

The knowledge of business, finance, logistics, operations, combined with good network makes the business coach a very valuable addition to any start-up company, or SMEs wishing to innovate, and this can make all the difference between success and the company's failure.

While the concept of business coaching itself may seem simple, the real power of the approach lies in what the coach brings to the commitment. Business coaching provides an environment based on complete confidentiality. 


There is never a bad time to start working with a business coach. Having a business advisor will help you get a fresh look at your business and the realities of your current market to see new opportunities and sustainable growth. 


Upperion usually works with the founders of start-ups as well as established SMEs, helping them set goals and goals for the company's success. We also chart a roadmap for achieving the goals and holds the leader responsible for these actions.


Contact us. We'll be happy to give you all the help you need to make your business a success.