To your masks…. Ready? Go! (photo credit: DragonImages)

On Wednesday 4 March, the radio announces that the stock market continues to fall, that our Turkish friends are pouring massively refugees to Europe and especially Greece – the island of Lesbos is taking a wind of unprecedented violence – to put pressure on Brussels, that the Government is obliged to regulate the price of hydro-alcoholic lotions and plans to requisition all FFP2 masks held by any public or private person. All because of a tiny virus! Is this uncertain, un predictable event that is causing the global economy to falter? I wanted to give you here some figures that the media often forget and that will let you make an opinion on what to do.

Number of deaths per year worldwide according to:

Cardiovascular problems: 17.7 million deaths (including 7.4 million heart disease and 6.7 million strokes)

Cancer: 9.6 million deaths 

Air/water pollution: 5.5 to 8.8 million deaths

Smoking: 7.2 Million deaths

HIV: 1 Million deaths

Malaria: 600,000 dead

Wars: 530,000 dead 

Influenza: 290,000 to 650,000 dead

Cov-19: 3198 dead (as of March 4, 2019) 

SARS: 774 dead

I have not put statistics concerning the Plague and Cholera which are still much more rampant than the VOC-19 or on the dead by human stupidity, it would be interesting! So friends know right keep! Get vaccinated against the flu, eat healthy, play sports and give for research (it will please my former colleagues of the CNRS) and above all take real action to reduce air pollution!